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Future Life

Label: Aguirre Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

After several releases this year on Taped Sounds, Ikuisuus, Rotifer, Ruralfaune, Upstairs and his own Why So Serious imprint,  Antwerp’s synthscaper/soundmanipulator and anti-musician Innercity serves his first vinyl.  Bouncing from the barren fields of destroyed audio into the realms of divine and hallucinatory sound and back through the jungles of 100 years of popular music, the lo-frequencies chrystalize sounding like new hope and new ideas in dark industrial wastelands.

“Imagine you find yourself wandering places unreal, lost and desperate, only to have it gradually dawn in you, you’ve been laying waste the invisible lands in your mind. Your desperateness becomes amazement as you start paving paths to link and sync barren levels of reality and start to familiarize with different formless and shape-shifting entities manifesting as inhabitants of  apparently different inner worlds.  You are being prepared for a major evolutionary phase-shift regarded unreal and  I believe that is what future life is about, the differences in realities, and their level of importance in the whole picture.” Released in an edition of 300.

Cat. number: zorn 06
Year: 2011

LTD 300

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