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GN : Scanner - Excerpt 1
GN : Scanner - Excerpt 2
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Geins't Nait, Scanner

GN / Scanner (12")

Label: Offen Music

Format: 12"

Genre: Electronic

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Vladimir Ivkovic's Offen remains one of Europe's finest, broadest and least predictable electronic imprints, with the only real guarantee being that output will be interesting, weird and unarguably innovative. The latest from Gains't Nait, made with electronic near-deity Robin Rimbaud under his Scanner moniker (see also Githead), is another case in point.

Depth is the crucial factor - tracks feel dense enough to get lost in, catching listeners in a time-space warp, where there's as much to make us consider the future, and the great unknown, as the past. The familiarity of distant, building, looped brass stabs on 'OB'. The melancholic, cinematic cut scene pianos of '63'. All share their space with distortions, processing sounds, white noise and discordant ambience, to dazzling effect. Like the loose, intermittent breaks of 'Slo', and its spirals of barely-audible space age speech.

Cat. number: 015
Year: 2020

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