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Mauthausen Orchestra

Orgies Of Crime

Label: Urashima

Format: 12xtape box

Genre: Noise

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Mauthausen Orchestra remains one of the pioneering exploits from the early Italian industrial scene along with Maurizio Bianchi and the later with Atrax Morgue. Pierpaolo Zoppo started releasing tapes of his Mauthausen Orchestra project on the shocking Aquilifer Sodality label from 1982 until 1986. Zoppo didn't leave much to the imagination with the titles of these early works: ‘’Anal Perversions’’, ‘’Murderfuck’’ or ‘’Bloodyminded’’, just to name a few, carries us into real rituals of a civilization without gods in a pure world of suffering. Infinite modulations toward a sky that has now disappeared and become locked in concrete. His complete devotion to extreme sexual pleasures makes his ultraviolent attacks the ultimate enjoyments, relinquishing any moral obligation in the pursuit.
Reissue in a deluxe silver silkscreen on Fedrigoni Constellation white cardboard box set with twelve white cassettes w/silver double body print. Limited hand numbered edition of 99 copies w/four insert.

Box include the following titles:
Mauthausen Orchestra – 2nd Movement   
Mauthausen Orchestra – From Homicide To Slaughter  
Mauthausen Orchestra – Conflict   
Mauthausen Orchestra – Muderfuck   
Mauthausen Orchestra – Bloodyminded   
Mauthausen Orchestra – Vernichtung Lebenunwerten Leben   
Mauthausen Orchestra – Necrofellatio  
Mauthausen Orchestra – Mafarka  
Mauthausen Orchestra – Dedicated To J. Goebbels  
Mauthausen Orchestra – They Never Learn  
Mauthausen Orchestra – Anal Perversions  
Mauthausen Orchestra – Host Sodomy 

Cat. number: URA 004_015
Year: 2016