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From Unhealthy Places - excerpt 1
From Unhealthy Places - excerpt 2

Nimh, Mauthausen Orchestra

From Unhealthy Places

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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"The energy, the genius and the intransigence of the music of the hystoric 'cult' power electronics project Mauthausen Orchestra / Pierpaolo Zoppo, joined to the originalty, the eclecticism, the rigorous experimental research carried on since fifteen years by Giuseppe Verticchio, mostly with his Nimh solo project. Disturbing images of unhealthy places, nocturne landscapes covered with fog, psychotic nightmares, tormenting and delirious, described with sonorities of great impact and incredible dramatic force... A dark and long itinerary, to be covered wrapped in the spirals of a time that progressively seems to slow down and stop, folded on itself, just like suspended in the void, without offering any way out... A sonic adventure for brave souls... Elegantly packaged in a digipack." - Silentes, label press


Cat. number: sme 0932
Year: 2009