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The Missing Tapes - excerpt 1
The Missing Tapes - excerpt 2


The Missing Tapes

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"In this project, Giuseppe Verticchio explores the universe of ritualistic, primal, shamanic acoustic drones and traditional music from the east. The result communicates us the ecstasy. This album summons the divine nature, it's a real musical ceremony, a chant of the origins. The acoustic, ritual elements are perfectly mixed with a solid industrial, noisy ambient base. Consequently this is a rather unique, very personal musical experience that can be collected by ethnomusicologists and fans of dark ritualistic drones. The first composition reminds me stuffs written by the US '60s Dream Syndicate but it rapidly turns into more twisted, tormented, intoxicated perspectives, largely made of black noises and effects. The second track starts with a genial, incredibly transcendant acoustic instrumentation. The melody is progressively desintegrated, covered by evocative sounds and industrial parasites. A very strange, rare combination of sounds that can't be missed. Track 3 carries on the same schema with a duel between traditional instrumentation and ultimately creepy dronescapes. Spiritual and moody at the same time. The last track includes a variety of collages, an evocative tapestry of sounds from life street, boats, markets... The musical travel concludes with a sort of ethnographic cinema for the ears. The Missing Tapes contains really breathtaking and moving textures. An achieved fusion of styles and an essential purchase." - Philippe Blache / Progarchives


Cat. number: sme 0610
Year: 2007

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