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Krungthep Archives

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"After the post-industral / power-electronics 'diversions' of his recent collaboration with Pierpaolo Zoppo / Mauthausen Orchestra in From Unhealthy Places, and Forgotten Realm, the 'second chapter' of the Hall of Mirrors projects with Andrea Marutti / Amon in dark ambient 'territories', Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) returns as a 'solo' artist in his newest Krungthep Archives, rediscovering the sounds of his oriental ethnic instruments, collected in he Far-East, mainly in Thailand. The recordings of these 'Archives from Bangkok' (the 'City of Angels' or Krungthep in the local idiom) are often submerged with electronic sounds, drones, voices, urban noises, field-recordings, loops, rhytmic fragments, lively and dinamically reach sound waves. Otherwise, sometimes the traditional instruments own natural sounds emerge, giving life to suggestive and catching semi-acoustic soundscapes. New ambitious Ethnic-electronic-experimental evolutions stylistically located right among The Missing Tapes and Travel Diary previous CDs. All the contrasts of a geographical universe perpetually suspended between ancient cultures and an out of control modernism, perfectly translated in in music by a careful and sensible expert of those places and cultures."

Cat. number: sme 1042
Year: 2011

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