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Night sessions

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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A collection of fascinating and obscure "nocturnal sessions” alternated with more "classic" electronic parts based on sequencers and synthesizers, more abstract and minimal sonic sketches, involving and tense deep drones musical mixtures, distorted and dilated electric guitars, deformed human voices, more static and fluctuating typical ambient movements, cold inserts of pulsating and "techno oriented" sounds, suggestive atmospheres built on bizarre loops, flat organ backgrounds and low guitar notes, and then again arpeggios, piano clusters, field recordings, more typical "glitch" inserts and hisses... A wide range of original and catching solutions created with the help of many guests, the album includes contributions by Teho Teardo, Philippe Petit, Under the Snow, Jim Coleman, Franck Vigroux, Testing Vault and Annen Berg.
Cat. number: SME1149
Year: 2011

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