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Hall of Mirrors

Reflections on Black

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Hall of Mirrors is a new musical project formed by Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) and Andrea Marutti (Amon). The music is in the similar vein to the respective works of these two Italian artists. Consequently it provides a handful of dense, droney, shimmering electronic sequences that dissipate into distortion and black noises.

"After Sator, the mammoth Amon / Nimh CD on Eibon, Andrea Marutti and Giuseppe Verticchio are back with a collaborative project, which will feature different guests with every release (this time, they are Giulio Baggi/Nefelheim at synths and guitar and Daniela Gherardi at synth and voice). Since it's impossible not to use Sator as a reference, I'll start by saying that Reflections on Black obviously shares most of its characteristics, but is also looser, more varied and at times unpredictable. There's a feel of jamming that in the above mentioned work was hidden by the monolithic construction of the pieces. In Entrance, the deep cavernous drones, dotted by electric bursts, give way to a half-buried string plucking, introducing a more melancholic passage, eventually overshadowed by a brooding distorted wall. Descent begins with suffocating wind gusts, but a layering of frequencies, upbeat rhythms and higher tones slowly changes the atmosphere from oppressive to cosmic, leading to a second part occupied by a liquid drone. Transmutation and Recovery stray even further from plain dark ambient territories, the former featuring warm waves of synths and guitar feedback, the latter with Verticchio lingering on depressive guitar picking, accompanied by some weird crackling noises." - Eugenio Maggi / Chain D.L.K.

"The atmosphere of Reflections on Black is truly hypnotic and dreamy, sometimes offering subtle, fragile minimalist melodic fragments for e-guitar. Entrance opens this mesmerising dark epic voyage with a playful, foggy and melancholic composition dominated by echoing guitar parts and fuzzy abrasive noises. Everything is floating into a deep space. Descent is an organic, tripped out industrial effervescence with cloudy, menacing continuous sound forms, guitar distortion that progressively turn into a moody electronic melancholia with a really absorbing atmosphere. Transmutation is an enigmatic, super abstract meditative piece built on an ocean of weird drones and noises. Recovery closes the album with a magnificant, plaintive, delicate guitar piece that transport the listener to some other place. Quite lovely and mysteriously invocative. This album must be regarded as a little classic in the serie of damaged, dreamy, emotional dronescapes. Highly recommend for fans of black minimal electronic epics of Organum, Andrew Chalk, Maurizio Bianchi. Anyone else can also have a listening because this album contain some of the most beautiful, expressive drones ever created in the last couple of years." - Philippe Blache