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Maurizio Bianchi

Der Abgrund

Label: Silentes Minimal Editions

Format: CD

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"Der Abgrund is the last act of an unsolved theorem which must remains the same. It's the arcane enchanter of a denied truth since mimesis of itself, as not manifested manifestation that nevertheless perseveres on its concept of form beyond the form. It's omnivalent hypostasis of a prismatic Maurizio Bianchi who is annulling himself and reinvents between a climate and the other without solution of continuity, today in symbiotic communion with Frequency In Cycles Per Second. "Der Abgrund" is an opus of metasonic metamorphosis in seven movements, as much seductive as impenetrable under its blankets of granulous droning eclipses, of amniotic vaticinations and inharmonious tears, of shadows at the mirror of an indefinite reality, but all the same tangible in its post-nihilist immanence which produces redemption."  Aldo Chimenti for Rockerilla.

Cat. number: sme 0719
Year: 2007