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    Heaps of nothing

    Label: Siltbreeze

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    The second album from Australian band Naked On The Vague, who have doubled in size for this batch of new material. The tone is characterised by dark and fearsomely heavy garage-punk, with a wafer-thin coating of distortion lending a little extra bite to the band's already vicious dynamics. "Bleak, unrepentant, withering and droll, Heaps of Nothing is a 21st century codification of the gallows wit and mesmerizing otherworldliness of (Dub Housing-era) Pere Ubu, Primitive Calculators and Lemon Kittens. Shuttling mutant urbanity from past top resent, Naked on the Vague is only too eager to confirm that the Earth isn t flat. Because Heaps of Nothing is hereto flatten it." (Boomkat)
    Cat. number: SB130lp
    Year: 2010