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Hidden Codes - Excerpt 1
Hidden Codes - Excerpt 2
Hidden Codes - Excerpt 3
Hidden Codes - Excerpt 4


Hidden Codes (Tape)

Label: The Tapeworm

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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Trinovantes is a new collaboration between old friends Franz Kirmann and Stuart Bowditch, who originally met in 2007 at the Multivitamins events in Shoreditch.

"The body of work on Hidden Codes employs a new approach. Songs by metal bands were interpreted by algorithmic functions into MIDI. The extracted data was then edited and played through a variety of software and synthesisers to generate warm, ambient layers that, whilst removed from the original songs, retains a sentiment of the original ideas. The layers were then arranged and further processed to form new pieces."

Cat. number: TTW136
Year: 2020