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Terry Riley, Pierre Mariétan

Keyboard Study 2 / Initiative (+Systèmes)


Format: CD

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A split release between Terry Riley and French avant-garde composer Pierre Marietan that was recorded in Paris on September 30th and October 1st, 1969. Riley's piece is a 24-minute work for 2 pianos (Gérard Frémy and Martine Joste of the GERM ensemble - Groupe d'Etude et Réalisation Musicale). Marieten's piece is performed by the full GERM ensemble including Philippe Blachette (violin), Philippe Drogoz (double bass), Louis Roquin (trumpet), Chantal Lemaire (cello), Gérard Frémy (piano), Martine Joste (piano), Jean-Yves Bosseur (rebab and little flute), Bernadette Val (soprano voice) plus the composer himself on french horn.
Cat. number: CD 14542
Year: 1998
Genre: Electronic