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Richard Pinhas


Label: Spalax Music

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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2007 repress of the 2nd Pinhas solo album, originally released in France in 1978. Performed by: Didier Batard (bass) François Auger (drums, percussion), Richard Pinhas (guitar, synthesizer, mellotron). Composer, guitarist & electronics innovator Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians & is a pivotal figure in the development of electronic rock. This was his 2nd solo and is absolutely one of his very finest works: half live Moog electronics that make fantastic use of stereo imaging and mix aggression with the repetitiveness of Phillip Glass or Terry Riley, & half with Heldon in a 30' King Crimson-ish stormy drone-epic of mellotrons, electronics, guitar, bass, & drums.
Cat. number: CD 14220
Year: 1994
Recorded from January 1976 to June 1976 at Heldon & Davout Studios.