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Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: LP

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Originally from Sarajevo, and a Belgian resident since 1989, Miaux - pronounced the French adult, not the feline way - returns with a propertearjerker in her classic deadpan style. Mia Prce got her first keyboard when she was five years old. A rarity in the UE catalogue, and like labelmate Cassis Cornuta, Prce is a trained musician. But do read on!

Hideaway consists of seven stunning instrumentals that blend and gently warp Miaux’s formative influences: Mike Oldfield, Roxy Music, Krautrock and German electronic music, Vangelis and Badalamenti. Despite being happier than you and I and her own earlier records, Prce’s daughter asked for “this sad music“ to be turned off when they were listening to the finished master for the first time.

Edition of 400 copies with insert. Cover art by Dennis Tyfus. Offset printed in gold and copper.

Cat. number: UE209
Genre: Electronic