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His Master\'s Noise - The Institute Of Sonology

Label: BV Haast Records

Format: CDx2

Genre: Compositional Form

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His Master's Noise presents works produced in the Institute of Sonology (Instituut voor Sonologie) in Utrecht and in The Hague, Netherlands. The Institute of Sonology was founded in 1960 after the Laboratory of Natural Sciences (Natlab, Philips Industries, Eindhoven) had decided to shut down its small 'electronic' studio (which was existing since 1952 and where Varèse made his Poème Electronique). Initially called STEM, projects were set out for scientific and compositional research. This compilation collects works of several artists that worked or studied at the Institute for Sonology. The second cd contains the final exam compositions of some of the Institute's most promising students (like Olivier Hijmans, Xavier van Wersch and Jorrit Tamminga).
Cat. number: CD 06/0701
Year: 2001

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