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Konrad BoehmerPosition - Il Combattimento - Ouroboros

Label: BV Haast Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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All compositions by Konrad Boehmer. "'Position' (1961-1962) for 4-track tape, voices and orchestra, (performed by Radio Symphony Orchestra of the WDR, Cologne, Bruno Maderna - conductor). The basic notation for 'Position' is one of 'open' form which does not consist of the exchangeability of its parts but in the idiomatic structure of the composition. 'Il Combattimento' (1989) for orchestra with solo violin and solo cello. "Il Combattimento' is a dramatic concert piece for orchestra that includes solo violin and solo violoncello. It emphasizes this historic episode that precipitated the decline of medieval feudalism. 'Ouroboros' (2002) for solo piano (performed by Nicholas Hedges). 'Ouroboros' is one of the cryptic symbols of the alchemists: a serpent which begets and devours itself. 'Ouroboros' continues the expansion of my piano oeuvre and thus destroys the idea of a 'closed' group of works." --Konrad Boehmer
Cat. number: BVHAAST 0504
Year: 2004