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White Hospital



Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Ultralimited, comes as transparent red vinyl. Re-issue of industrial music's 'holy grail', released back in 1984 on Eskimo Records. Not much is known about this obscure Japanese band, White Hospital are a duo, Jun Konagaya of Grim and Tomo Kuwahara of Vasilisk. In the early 80s Jun formed White Hospital together with Tomasada Kuwahara. They released one album called “Holocaust” in 1984 and a 7″ “We Wish You Are Merry X’mas”. Kuwuhara moved on to Vasilisk, while Jun released a number of solo records as Grim and one track as Howling Of Himalaya on compilation called “Constructive Music 1990″. One would expect the album to by harsh noise in the Japanese tradition but has a highly dark experimental sound with some industrial outbursts.

Cat. number: SK81
Year: 2014

Limited edition of 100 copies, comes as transparent red splattervinyl.

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