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I Shall Die Here - Excerpt

The Body

I Shall Die Here

Label: Rvng Intl.

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Probably our favourite release on RVNG Intl comes from metal duo Lee Buford and Chip King aka The Body produced by Bobby Krlic aka The Haxan Cloak for their crushing 4th album, 'I Shall Die Here'. Abetted by Krlic's visceral production, The Body sound more fearsome and physical than ever before, shaping a series of tracks which only seem to get more intense and nightmarish as the trip takes hold. From the funereal trudge of opener 'To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me' we pass through successive stages revealed like some hemlock-induced hallucination, from the eschatological resignation of 'Alone All The Way' and the garrotting strings of 'The Night Knows No Dawn' to the vocal catharsis and technoid intensity of 'Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain' and the cinematic torture porn soundtrack gloom of 'Darkness Surrounds Us'. Great stuff - RIYL Pharmakon, Prurient, Godflesh, The Haxan Cloak.

Cat. number: RVNGNL25CD
Year: 2014

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