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Ulises Carrion

In Alphabetical Order

Label: Boabooks

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art

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In alphabetical order is a facsimile of the seminal magazine created by Ulises Carrión and Cres, originally published in 1979. In this photographic book - one of very few of Carrion's entire practice - the author is very critical about his own affiliation with the mail art movement. The book presents a series a photographs of his calling card filing box, which the author juxtaposes with witty and poignant captions: “This book of mine is partly real facts and partly fantasy. The real fact is that I love lists of names, card indexes, information retrieval systems, that sort of thing. No wonder I have an archive at home, the Other Books and So Archive, which includes a collection of artist's books.” His attitude to poetry precluded, to a certain extent, his book The new art of making books: “The text of a book in the new art can be a novel as well as a single word, sonnets as well as jokes, love letters as well as weather reports


Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) is one of the most important figures of Mexican conceptual art. His 1975 manifesto The New Art of Making Books help defined artist's books as an autonomous artistic genre. His work includes numerous artist's books—which was then designated as bookworks—but also video art, sound arts, performance and mail art.

Cat. number: 978-2-940409-94-5
Year: 2018
English edition
Softcover | 48 pages + errata | 148 × 210 mm

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