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Insane Music Box

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: Vinyl LPx4 BOX DELUXE + 80 P BKLT

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Insane Music, run by Alain Neffe, has been one of the greatest and biggest Tape-Labels promoting the international cassette-culture of the 80's. Labelrunner Alian Neffe got approached by VOD to compile a 4Lp Box with 7" of his band-projects I SCREAM, BENE GESSERIT, SUBJECT, HUMAN FLESH and PSEUDO CODE. Alain Neffe looked deeply into his archive and found many oscruities and unreleased material in combination with 80's tape-classics and compuled this wonderful Box-Set. All Box-Sets will also contain a 2-Track EP of newly recorded, mixed and produced songs by Bene Gesserit in the same spirit but with new equipment special edition consisting in a 4-Lp box plus 7" with T-Shirt.

Cat. number: VOD 59
Year: 2009
Genre: Electronic