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Io sono Murple part one - excerpt 1
Io sono Murple part one - excerpt 2
Io sono Murple part two - excerpt 2


Io Sono Murple (LP)

Label: AMS

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

Out of stock

**2020 stock**Another band that deserved much more consideration than they got, Murple released a lonely beautiful album in 1974 on the German Basf label, one of very few Italian releases on this label, that didn't cared to promote the group at all and issued the record long after its recording. It's a shame, because Io sono Murple is a very regarding album, well presented in a fantasy cover and with lyric insert, and very well played by this experienced four-piece from Rome. 

The album contains a long suite divided on the two sides, based on the story of a penguin ,and even if the lyrics are somehow naive, the music is very good, with classical inspirations especially in the keyboard playing and nice guitar parts.  The LP was not successful, obviously, even due to the unfavourable press reviews, and the band collaborated with some other artists, like singer Gianfranca Montedoro (previously in Living Music) on her Donna Circo 1975 album, but though they were ready to record a second album, decided to split. Bass player Mario Garbarino had been replaced by Roberto Puleo after the album release. (ItalianProg)

Cat. number: AMSLP44
Year: 2020

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