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Philippe MION

Je joue pour faire de la fumée L'image éconduite

Label: Éole Records

Format: CDx2

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Much needed release by one of most underrated French electro-acoustic genius, Philippe Mion assembles here a delicious collection of electronic and acoustic sounds, and interleaves them in ways that might be described as fugal. The texture is rich and complex, and yet spare enough to enable each sound combination to be enjoyed to the fullest. This double set features the legendary L'Image Éconduite composition, that was originally a 70-minute composition on 4-track tape (that was trimmed to 57 minutes and reduced to 2 tracks for the LP release). The composer recommends that it be listened to fortissimo!Two electroacoustic oratorios around texts from Henri Michaux.“Je joue pour faire de la fumée” (2013) from “Premières impressions”, extract from “Passages” by Henri Michaux. Speakers : Yannis Bougeard, Alain Lamarche. Stereophonic version (the original is 8 separate tracks).
“L’image éconduite” (1984) from “Apparitions – Disparitions”, extract from “Moments” by Henri Michaux. Speaker : Marin de Charette.

Cat. number: eor013
Year: 2016
Genre: Electronic