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fischerle - krojc

John, Betty and Stella
€ 17.90
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fischerle - krojc - John, Betty and Stella

fischerle - krojc

John, Betty and Stella

€ 17.90

LABEL: Monotype Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. MONO 017LP | YEAR. (2015)

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John, Betty and Stella is a collaboration between Krojc and Fischerle, two musicians who feel best wandering around stylistic eclecticism. The record is a radio drama based on vintage audio material for learning English. Krojc and Fischerle cut out textbook roleplaying activities from the source material on old vinyl and processed and adapted the clips. The result is a funny and surreal collage of dialogues, sound effects, and music resembling a series of skits. The recordings are saturated with a tension that imbues even a casual conversation about the nutritional values of porridge with the ambience of a thriller and keeps the listener in a Hitchcockian suspense. "Mateusz Wysocki (Fischerle), who runs the Pawlacz Perski label, is also an author of children's books ... Jakub Pokorski (Krojc) is well-versed in literature-inspired music. Each brings their individual skills to bear on this recording, which comes across as found theatre. The tracks seem benign on the surface, but with an undercurrent of danger; behind the stately wolf's smile lies a row of crooked teeth." --A Closer Listen

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