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die tödliche doris

Kavaliere (DVD)
€ 20.00
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die tödliche doris - Kavaliere (DVD)

die tödliche doris

Kavaliere (DVD)

€ 20.00

LABEL: Hybriden-Verlag
Series: Elektronikengel
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: DVD | CATALOG N. - | YEAR. (2016)

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**75 copies** Die Tödliche Doris was born out of West Berlin’s lively post-punk community in the early ‘80s. Along with Einstürzende NeubautenMalariaSprung Aus Den Wolken and Frieder Butzmann, Die Tödliche Doris ranks amongst the Geniale Dilletanten – which roughly translates as “ingenious dilettantes” – who sought to democratize cultural productions beyond the grip of both Western capitalism and GDR socialism. The Geniale Dilletanten became synonymous with a free-for-all approach to music, film, painting and performance where participants encouraged raw expression through provocation and experimentation. Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen founded Die Tödliche Doris in 1980, presenting the public persona of Doris as a constantly shifting entity that deliberately engaged the contradictions of the human condition. The band often referenced themselves in the third person singular, alluding to Doris as a fully-formed female character with explosive, colorful emotions.


Die Tödliche Doris occurs at the Festival der Genialen Dilletanten in allegorical costumes: grey, dull dead Berlin City pigeons feathers adorn the head of Wolfgang Müller. Its upper part consists of a black ostrich feather Bolero. He plays violin and sings the song Die Schuld-Struktur. In this way, he embodied the aesthetics of the West German peace movement. Dagmar Dimitroff wearing a long-haired wig over her short hair. In the two-part wig hair bikini, she accompanied the guilt on drums structure. It embodies the aesthetic of the new women's movement. Nikolaus Utermöhlen plays an electric guitar. Three electric guitar strings and two bass guitar strings pass over his body. He embodies is constantly differentiating aesthetics of the critical individual, which is against the norms of a mass and consumer society. Perhaps an idea of looming neo individual liberalism, which is its totalitarian victories after 1990? DVD-video by Gustav-Adolf-Schroeder. Texts by Wolfgang Müller. Illustrations by Tabea Blumenschein.

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