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Best of 2020

Ken Clinger

Ken Clinger

Label: Tanzprocesz

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Tip! A full frontal dive into the secretive, cult catalogue of Ken Clinger, rounding up lost recordings and his entire oeuvre 1983-1988, we are talking about 30 titles published over 26 cassettes by this hyper-productive, most overlooked but fetishised home-taping cult hero, carefully selected for your greatest pleasure. Mutant songs, hypnotic spoken words, obsessive synthesizers, in a must-check payload for fans of Nurse With Wound, Edward Ka Spel, Coil and the like.

A legend of "cassette culture" & D.I.Y. since the early 1980's, Ken Clinger's keyboard and vocal works appear on his Bovine Music label. Established in San Francisco Ken moved to Pittsburgh in the late 1980's. He remains a prolific, quirky and entertaining part of the home recording scene.

Ken’s music was magical, secret and I thought it sounded like a dream or nitrous oxide experience. Worlds of animals, closet dreams, floating and recurring characters suspended in a vat of twinkly, repeating keyboards and monotone voice. Besides his vast solo material of original songs, keyboard pieces, spoken word, midi file interpretations, ambient, and covers, he has collaborated extensively and produced numerous compilations called “Winnie’s”.

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Year: 2020

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