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Kimmeltie - Excerpt 1
Kimmeltie - Excerpt 2
Kimmeltie - Excerpt 3
Kimmeltie - Excerpt 4
File under: AmbientElectronic

Otto Taimela

Kimmeltie (LP)

Label: Ultraääni

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental


"This record makes your speakers drip with rainwater. The room fills up with mist and you can feel a warm breeze. Little sparks of magic float in the air, and the room spins 360 degrees with every chord played on the piano. It feels like the windows and doors are suddenly wide open, and the outdoors pour in. The chairs and the sofa turn into the ledges of Kiasma. It might be a dream, a memory, or a leap through time. There are stars above the sea of clouds." - Olli Aarni

File under: AmbientElectronic
Cat. number: Ultra-025
Year: 2020