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Seth Nehil


Label: Senufo

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Incredible mix of electronic experiments, musique concrète, synth pieces, installation works and some of the finest sound-collage we've heard in a long time - pressed up on gorgeous transparent vinyl limited to an individually numbered pressing of just 180 copies for the world* The very first release on Senufo Editions arrives in an absolutely beautiful hand-assembled package, complete with home-made sleeve art and an embossed insert. This LP features a selection of new works by Portland, OR composer Seth Nehil, an electroacoustic artist with a radical and persistently challenging approach to sound who's most deserving of your investigation. Nehil's fragmentary, cleverly dissected musique concrète harks back to the movement's golden age, throwing in a very modern approach to sound processing and a deft ear for narrative suspense. 'Knives' interweaves various acousmatic occurrences with a network of classical instrumentation and choral voices, all underscored by a hefty bass presence that would seem to tie in with Nehil's professed love of hip-hop production. Across the album Nehil recruits the services of a large number of additional players, contributing voices, brass, organ, synthesizer, drums and other miscellaneous objects to this absorbing excursion. These arrhythmic, spluttering arrangements make for something of a departure from the droning default settings associated with the majority of contemporary experimental electronics and has the feel of something truly substantial and enduring. Highly limited - with only 180 hand-numbered copies in circulation. Essential Purchase. (BOOMKAT)

Cat. number: senufo 1
Year: 2010
LTD 180 copies

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