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Luigi Nono

La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura

Label: Kairos

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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Experiencing La lontananza utopica futura has enriched my musicianship. The unusual openness of the original materials by Nono required the establishment of an interpretive path through tapes and scores. This need has led to the emergence of a creative approach to performance, where the lines between roles and figures are blurred; with La lontananza, we cannot identify the composer as the provider of clear and direct instructions, and the performer cannot remain an invisible score-reproducer. A creative dialogue becomes necessary, starting from Nono’s artifacts, among all the artistic figures involved in bringing a possible performance to life. A dialogue that has to be  (and, in our case, has been) based on reciprocal and continual listening, acknowledging and respecting each participant’s proficiencies and desires, while at the same time challenging each other towards unexpected results.

Nono provided us with the main subject of our dialogue, with the building blocks of our interpretation, but carefully avoided forcing any preferred reading onto us. Nono’s rejection of any form of authoritarianism is beautifully embedded in every second of his tapes, on every page of his scores. This work is a true representation of a dialogue between equals, where each voice has the right to express and deserves to be listened to. A future that is not utopic: Nono granted this to us and we can easily reach it, with just the tips of our fingers. - Marco Fusi 

Cat. number: 0015086KAI
Year: 2020

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