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Laminal (3CD Box)

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CDx3

Genre: Experimental

In stock


"A three CD set marking thirty years in the making of AMMmusic. Three concert performances: Aarhus, Denmark, 1969. London, 1982. New York, 1994. Featuring variously: Cornelius Cardew, Lou Gare, Christopher Hobbs, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe and John Tilbury. Includes an illustrated booklet with commentaries by Jim O'Rourke, Victor Schonfield, Malcolm LeGrice and John Tilbury." Tremendous historical document of all exclusive material to this box, perfectly packaged, desperately awaited. "AMM moves on or comes together on any plane: it could be volume, speed or density as much as pitch. The most peaceful and united parts might be the ones which are the busiest and most crowded. AMM uses all the dimensions of musical space to create the feeling that sound is a solid object in solid space -- complete with size, shape, performance. It depends where they are sitting, what they are focusing on, how long and at what stage they can concentrate, and how widely or narrowly. There is no whole or center, only parts. AMM reveals the behaviour of sound, and its anomalies. Low sounds absorb high ones, loud sounds blot out soft ones, but most sounds placed side by side either co-exist, reach out to each other or merge. Sometimes you can hear one sound being squeezed until it splits into two or more. The melody need not be sound changing: it could simply be sound being" --Victor Schonfield.

Cat. number: MRCD 31
Year: 2004

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