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Starving Weirdos

Land Lines

Label: Amish Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Mixing electroacoustic approaches with world flavors and an ecstatic attitude, Starving Weirdo's (Brian Pyle, Merrick Merrick & co.) create a rich freeform album of lush beauty and sonic investigation. "Amish is pleased to officially announce a new release from Humboldt County's finest contemporary experimental unit, Starving Weirdos. A couple of years in the making, Land Lines documents a vital step in the evolution and refinement of Starving Weirdos' freeform improvisational practices, as well as its infamous and highly disciplined studio practices. Land Lines chronicles Starving Weirdos' most focused and structured release to date, with pieces that import a distinctly European flavor into the sound of what, until now, has been a uniquely Northern Californian form of sonic experimentation."
Cat. number: AMI-044
Year: 2012

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