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Le passe' du Futur est toujours present (LP + CD)

Label: Bloc Thyristors

Format: LP + CD

Genre: Experimental

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Jean-Noël Cognard is a big initiator of projects and collaborations both in the studio and on the stage. With his label, Bloc Thyristors, he documents these musical sparks. One recalls the great epoch of Soixante Étages, which, at the instigation of Dominique Répécaud, attempted crossing genres in studio recordings for the benefit of the music. Tribraque, is Jean-François Pauvros (guitars and voice), Patrick Müller (electrosonic), Jean-Noël Cognard (drums & percussion). A surprising trio which explores the paths opened by rock, blues and cosmic rock in its second album, a vinyl and a CD with additional tracks in a very nice silkscreened sleeve, signed by Mika Pusse. Without blocking other adventurous paths dictated by electric energy, the dynamics and the electronic immersion... plus the cherry on top: they even dare a cover version of 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails, troubled and emotive even if the English is very personal.

Cat. number: vinyle 0180
Year: 2015

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Vinyl LPx2 | €21.00

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