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Bruce Russell

Left-handed blows: writing on sound 1993-2009


Format: BOOK

Genre: Experimental

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Bruce Russell, member of the groups The Dead C and Handful of Dust and founder of the renowned record-labels Corpus Hermeticum and Xpressway, is reputed to have driven a substantial wedge into New Zealand music. Besides his acclaimed work as a performer, recording artist and producer, RUSSELL is a respected as a writer who theorises improvisation from a leftist perspective. His collected writing, fluidly unequivocal, effectively tracks the thinking of the group of free music luminaries to which he belongs. This book consists of essays written over the last 16 years, reflecting on sound and its role in culture. It compiles online essays, liner notes, catalogue contributions and most of the previously published contents of the RUSSELL-produced Logopandocy: the journal of vain erudition.'


 Left-handed blows: writing on sound, 1993–2009 


Cat. number: 978-0-9582981-4-8
Year: 2010

128 pages

Edition: 500
Dimensions: 153 x 230 x 11 mm
Weight: 218 gm
Individually shrinkwrapped

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