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Golden Retriever

Light Cones

Label: Root Strata

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Root Strata present the first vinyl release of compelling and otherworldly electro-acoustic improvisation from the adventurous Golden retriever duo. Comprising Jonathan Sielaff's effected Bass Clarinet and Matt Carlson's analog modular synth and digital delay, the duo have thus far stood far out from the kosmische masses with their previous CDrs and cassettes including a beautiful eponymous debut on Root Strata and a stunner for NNA Tapes, but we'd have to say this is the some of the best stuff we've heard from them yet. A-side 'Light Cones' is an unpredictable wormholer reaching from lysergic, almost religious chords into a vivid alien soundscape of chaotic dissonance, oceanic waves of subbass and free-soaring lines of abstract melody. The flipside 'Observer' starts more reserved, unfurling a widescreen view of Carlson's stunning synth colours and spine-tingling streams of instinctive playing from Sielaff, leading to an ecstatic closing sequence of pure, exalted cosmic freedom which should leave you floored and asking for more. A righteous, life-affirming pick for anyone looking to travel further than their Emeralds or Oneohtrix records will allow. Highly recommended (Boomkat)
Cat. number: RS75
Year: 2011
Limited Edition of 750 copies

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