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Label: Art Into Life

Format: LP

In stock


Deluxe presentation of this legendary weirdo experimental side wrapped in a massive fold-out silkscreened poster sleeve with twin obi strips on heavy coloured vinyl in an edition of only 300 copies: originally self-released in 1989, IYS is this amazing group’s masterpiece. Coming out of Seattle in the mid-80s Yeast Culture were a hermetic autonomous arts collective along the lines of Mnemonists/Biota who used field recordings of uncanny resonances, occult soundings, extreme invasive microphone techniques and obsessive hands-on electronic processing to create stunning soundworks that are somewhere between electrified environments, psychedelic drone works, crude DIY noise and avant classical soundscapes. IYS is a striking recording, with aspects of Andrew Chalk’s early noise and field recordings work circa Ferial Confine as well as hands-on DIY noise ala The New Blockaders. But there’s also a rigorous, eerie compositional feel to the unfolding of the piece, with inchoate shapes and odd, boxy field recordings inserted into the track in a way that is quite uncomfortable, undermining the piece’s sense of space and somehow constantly forcing you to re-think or re-process your perspective. The track is dominated by tiny skittering noises, somewhere between Cage’s cartridge work or Rain Forest stylings and the harsh textural innovations of Hiroshi Kawani and it’s very possible to lose your bearings for extended periods of time as the piece slowly and almost imperceptibly morphs and changes  shape while at the same time remaining unchanged in its hyper-focussed minimalism. Fans of more sculptural noise, LAFMS, 20th century sound art, grimy Industrial drone and totally off the wall indefinable weirdness will want to spend extended time with this massively engimatic and beautifully produced set. A big influence on many Japanese noise thinkers. More please! Highly recommended. (David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue)

Cat. number: ail 005 lp
Year: 2012

Screen printed gatefold jacket, sleeve and labels. Outer obi strip and paper bands on inner and outer sleeves.
Printed in Oregon by Incubator. Limited to 312.
180g pressing by Kevin Smith. Arbutus Menziesii