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Calliope Tsoupaki


Label: Unsounds

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Medea" by Calliope Tsoupaki is the first in a series of chamber music compositions focusing on drama; a "melodrama for 8 instruments". The composition is written for Ensemble MAE, that distinguishes itself for its colourful, direct, physical and improvisatory character. Tsoupaki uses the ensemble's palette, composing solos, duets, trios, wrapped in larger sonic fields, with a strong associative and visual impact. Further there is no story-telling for the listener to be led into the piece; the music material itself is suggestive, and the melodies have a leading role, as characters in a theater play. Coming back as in different scenes in a film, each time changed and transformed, they are the vectors of tangible dramatic development.

Next to an exploration of the myth, "Medea" attempts to compose a self-portrait, the composer briefly shedding light onto a deep, unspoken part of herself. Pasolini's "Medea" was an inspiration for writing this piece, and most of all Maria Callas in the role of Medea, "so tragic that she did not sing a word."

Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki has composed over 70 compositions from solo to orchestra pieces, vocal works and operas covering the repertoire from concert music to dance, theater and multimedia music projects.

Cat. number: U 28
Year: 2012

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