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Mother of Thousands


Format: Vinyl LPx2

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As with their previous 'proper' full-length Gettin' Gone, new album Drone Trailer finds Matt Valentine and Erika Elder Still hooked up with The Golden Road, and ready to spurt forth blistering passages of galvanized psych-rock at a moment's notice: after a scorching pile-up of vintage guitar muck, opener 'Anyway' draws to an ill-behaved conclusion with some improv guitar and free-noise skronk, all completely undermined by a jazzy line in tremolo rhodes piano tinkering. Despite such flights of fancy you'll still hear a deep-set bluegrass theme at the core of the duo's sound - manifesting itself most explicitly on the harmonica-laden Americana of 'The Hungry Stones' - but it's also there in the astral-plane guitar licks of 'Huna Cosm' and the off-topic extravagances of 'Weathered Hollow', a magnificent piece of florid improvisation and disembodied folk rock. Elsewhere, the comparatively stripped down aesthetic of 'Twitchin' reveals the Neil Young influence that's previously been so prevalent in MV & EE's work, and true to form their strange take on classic songwriting carries a unique, inimitable resonance. Brilliant.

Cat. number: lag033lp
Year: 2010

Recorded at Maximum Arousal Farm, Parsons Smokehouse, Lost Planet and Elder's plantation Autumn 2004-Autumn 2005
2" analog saturation of digital master done at Vintage Rogalow Analog Studio, Poland

Limited edition of 1000 copies