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Maistah Aphrica

Meow (LP)

Label: Black Sweat Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

In stock


** Small repress **Live and direct from Balombo City, capital of Bolombia, a land of milk and honey in between the scorching stomping South and the glacial abstract North: Maistah Aphrica are back on track! The word has spread in the Bolombian nation: everyone who knows they are returned is shouting De balombo!” (so cool), “El secondo xe Meow!” (the 2nd is better), they answer back. Maistah Aphrica (never been to Aphrica, in their own Bolombian slang) celebrate again Cultura de Bolombia: the national march (Bolòmbtzky Marsch, the Bolombian equivalent of the Radetzky’s), Phatàh magic rituals (El Phatàh), recordings from the street riots of Balombo City (Cosmo Dès, a benevolent farewell in Bolombian language).

The “Bolo” homages: to the great tv commercials composer (Loh Nghìba Lìnih, author of Bobi Peveroni and Cristallerie El Phatàh), to a powerful athlete (G. Weàh) and to the historical dramatic battle of Amissavèvah, partidazo de balombo (a complicated and asymmetrical traditional ball game). The breathless journey into this rich, heady and reckless culture is supercharged by two party tunes, the chilling bounce (Maistah Aphrica) and the tight as ever (Masànah).  Special thanks to: the first lady of Bolombia, Lori Maistah and the technical guru Riccardo Sini

Cat. number: BS062
Year: 2021

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