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Misfired Empathy - 1
Misfired Empathy - 2

Jack Callahan, Asha Shishadri

Misfired Empathy (LP)

Label: Stellage

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental



Jack Callahan & Asha Sheshadri’s 'Misfired Empathy' was recorded and processed in April and May of 2020 in a number of temporarily shuttered venues and the artists’ apartments. This is their first record as a duo.

Asha Sheshadri is a New York based artist. Her multivalent work commingles memory construction, questions of citation and translation, and lost or silenced histories and diasporas. In her essayistic videos, recordings and performances, she layers her own voice with original writing, text sourced from found documents, places, and people she admires, creating environments of musical and non-musical artifacts alike.

Jack Callahan is a composer and sound engineer based in New York. He received a BA in Music Composition & Theory from Hampshire College in 2012. In 2011 he studied privately with Jürg Frey in Aarau, CH.  Since 2013 Callahan has been primarily working under the moniker die Reihe, taken from the journal edited by Herbert Eimert and Karlheinz Stockhausen. With this project he has toured the both the U.S. and Europe multiple times, been invited to numerous festivals and has released music with labels such as Anomia, Ascetic House, NNA Tapes, Psychic Liberation and Salon. In 2013 he founded Bánh Mì Verlag, an imprint dedicated to contemporary experimental music and culture.

Cat. number: STELLAGE012
Year: 2021