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OSLO 20.02.2020 - 1
OSLO 20.02.2020 - 2
OSLO 20.02.2020 - 3
File under: Electroacoustic

Anla Courtis, Lasse Marhaug, Jon Wesseltoft

Oslo 20.02.2020 (LP)

Label: Stellage

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental



Argentinian maverick improviser Anla Courtis (Reynols) teaming up with Norwegian multidiciplinary vikings Lasse Marhaug and Jon Wesseltoft. All experienced players and collaborators in various constellations, but never before as a trio. When Courtis passed by Oslo in February 2020 and did these recordings, little did they all know that just weeks later the whole world would shut down and there would be a long delay until next time they would meet up under any circumstations. Courtis barely made it back to Buenos Aires in time before the Covid lockdown that is still shaping forth a new world. These recordings are almost like a up-close afterimage from an easier, more laid back and physically closer time. Later edited and recomposed by Wesseltoft, these pieces have an air of dirty and crude concrete music blended with mad improvisatory weirdness. At times sombre and introspective, but mostly sounding like a bunch of abrasively drunk Taj Mahal Travellers crashing through the roof of INA GRM studios wanting to make that late night Smegma coverband.

File under: Electroacoustic
Cat. number: STELLAGE011
Year: 2021

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