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Mort aux vaches : meltdown of control

Label: Staalplaat

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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This is a true orchestra, and conducted by a duo: the omnipresent zbigniew karkowski and dutch electronics master edwin van der heide. the material used in this mort aux vaches release was recorded during 3 live performances (tokyo, japan, berlin, germany, and london- as part of john peel's meltdown 98 festival). the following artists took part in this project (in each performance the orchestra set-up was slightly different) masami akita - merzbow (tokyo,berlin,london), reiko a- merzbow (tokyo,berlin,london), tetsuo furudate (tokyo,berlin,london), mayuko hino - cccc, (tokyo,berlin,london), hiroshi hasegawa (tokyo,berlin,london), zbigniew karkowski - sensorband (tokyo,berlin,london), edwin van der heide - sensorband (tokyo,berlin,london), atau tanaka- sensorband (tokyo,berlin,london), kasper t toeplitz (tokyo,berlin,london), akifumi nakajima- aube (berlin, london), sumihisa arima (tokyo,berlin), k.k.null (tokyo), masahiro miwa (tokyo), ami yoshida (tokyo), dror feiler (tokyo), bell:mark stringquartet (tokyo), pneuma (berlin), bastiaan maris (berlin), peter rehberg (london), russell haswell (london)
Cat. number: ST MAVSO
Year: 2000