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Christophe, Olivier Mosset

Mosset/Christophe (12" Single-sided)

Label: Centre d'art Neuchâtel

Format: 12" Single-sided

Genre: Sound Art

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The singer Christophe puts to music Olivier Mosset's interviews made and edited by Marie Villemin and Martin Widmer. Olivier Mosset (born 1944 in Berne, lives and works in Tucson) worked in Paris from 1965 to 1977, participated in the creation of the group BMTP and then went to live in New York. He did numerous exhibitions with the Radical American Painters in the 1980s. Mosset describes himself as a painter rather than an artist. His work is based on a principle of neutrality, radicality and self-effacement that constantly challenge the limits of painting. His approach involves continually going back to previous explorations and diversifying them, taking care to integrate into his conceptions the conditions in which they appeared, to modify his work in line with the current cultural context, thus questioning painting in its initial materiality. Daniel Bevilacqua, aka Christophe, is a French singer born 1945 in Juvisy-sur-Orge.


The idea for this outstanding project was inspired by Christophe’s piece entitled Interview de in which the whimsical singer uses his own interviews to transform them into a song. This system has been used by Christophe several times in his career. When in 2017, Marie Villemin and Martin Widmer worked on Olivier Mosset’s exhibition project, they became aware of the importance of the interviews conducted by the painter and decided to focus on this aspect of the artist. They contacted Christophe and sent him an audio assembly consisting of cut-outs of interviews they had conducted with Mosset. To their great surprise, Christophe agreed to work on the project and create a sound universe around the artist’s words. This resulting record is a maxi 45t composed of a side A which gathers the musical piece of about ten minutes, and a side B which receives a visual.

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Year: 2019