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Music For a Film That Never Was (LP)

Label: Music That Always Is

Format: LP

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***limited edition in gatefold sleeve with 20-pages 12"x12" booklet**
This is the first in a series of limited edition LPs that brings to life an array of fictional cinematic auditory visions. All contributors were provided with the same brief – envisage and write an imaginary film scene then compose and record the piece of accompanying music.
This project takes physical form in a strictly limited edition vinyl album. A concept was created that engages the final listener to visualise the fictional scene created by each artist. By briefly exposing 35mm film to light, a series of uncontrollable and unpredictably vivid artworks were produced to accompany each composition.
Additionally, a booklet was produced that presents these enigmatic 'photographs' alongside each artist's written description of their cinematic vision.


Side A
Fennesz – Never Returning
Jim O’Rourke – Night Driving Sorcerer
Colin Stetson – The Storm


Side B
Zlaya Loud/Jillis Kruk – Last Chance
Luc Ex – Ziganie
Stefan Kruger – From the South Nothing New
Ingrid Laubrock – Mississippi

Cat. number: MTAI/001
Year: 2016