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Mark Beyer

Radiator Music 1969-1974 (LP)

Label: sicksicksick

Format: 12"

Genre: Experimental

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* Limited to 300 copies. Individually numbered. Digital download included * Between 1969 and 1974, and released here for the first time, acclaimed self-taught artist Mark Beyer made an experimental album that almost no one has heard. Sounding as if pots, pans, pipes and radiators are being played like a piano, in actuality the reel-to-reel tape machine is the instrument. Speeding up and slowing down these tracks, Beyer spent years down this sonic rabbit hole, a hint to his future obsessive practice.

Mark Beyer began making drawings during the same period, releasing his first comic in 1975; the cover of this 12" LP also dates from this time. His narrative drawings have defined the “doom generation,” with Amy and Jordan one of the longest-running syndicated comic strips (1988-1996). Beyer’s animations appeared on MTV’s Liquid Television, and he illustrated posters, t-shirts and covers for John Zorn’s classic album “Spy vs. Spy.” This album, what Beyer describes as “so-called music,” is filled with wild percussion, as though in the midst of falling apart. In these pieces is a missing part of the history of experimental music. Unheard until now.

Cat. number: sssk#73
Year: 2020