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Hidden Orchestra


Label: Denovali Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


This new collection of Joe Acheson's 'Reorchestrations' (including two previously unreleased tracks) takes works by exceptional experimental/classical/folk musicians as source material, and passes them through Joe's studio where they are intricately reworked with the signature Hidden Orchestra composition and production techniques. The result is a cohesive new Hidden Orchestra album, consisting of tracks produced since 2012, and representing the best of the music to come out of Joe's studio since the last full Hidden album 'Archipelago'. Densely textured, the tracks are beat-driven, sophisticatedly chopped and reprogrammed - delicate classical textures and field recordings with deep bass and complex layers of acoustic drums. Unlike many remixes, these sensitive and non-destructive 'Reorchestrations' mostly leave the original track intact, and add layers of rhythms and notes which extend the arrangements and subvert the harmonies of the original tracks – resulting in expansive augmented reinterpretations rather than complete reworkings.

This release is the first volume in a series of Reorchestrations albums. The project started with a remix of Liverpool band Kinetic Fallacy - which eventually became the track The Revival when Kinetic Fallacy disbanded, and has since become a staple encore of Hidden Orchestra live performances - hence its inclusion as the final track on this release. The two unreleased tracks are reworkings of members of the Hidden Orchestra live ensemble – Poppy Ackroyd (violin/piano), and Mary Macmaster (harps). There are also remixes of Hidden collaborator and occasional live guest clarinettist Tomas Dvorak (AKA Floex), Russian producer Long Arm, Anglo-French duo Piano Interrupted, and Czech clarinet quartet Clarinet Factory.

Hidden Orchestra is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist composer/producer Joe Acheson. This 'electronic music by acoustic means' project has steadily gained a broad and diverse cult following since the release of albums 'Night Walks' (2010) and 'Archipelago' (2012) on Tru Thoughts Records and Denovali Records, and touring in over 30 countries with the acclaimed live band (featuring pianist/violinist Poppy Ackroyd, double drummers Jamie Graham and Tim Lane, plus regular live guests and visual artists).

Cat. number: Q65896
Year: 2015