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01. San Anto
02. Represencing
03. Moon Hunger
04. Sound Talisman
05. Sungazer
06. The Ba
07. Enter Mountain Amulet
08. Cloud Walking

Eremite presents the first CD edition of Joshua Abrams' acclaimed 2012 LP Represencing, now out of print on vinyl. Represencing is the second installment of the Joshua Abrams sound-world, first introduced in 2010 on Natural Information (MTE 061CD). Abrams again organizes small group statements around the resonant grooves of the guimbri, a North African three-stringed, animal hide bass, with a unique and broadly assimilative compositional voice. Blending sources that range from traditional musics to minimalism and jazz to Krautrock, Abrams remains grounded in the solidity of true working musicianship. Listed by The Village Voice, Pitchfork, Matador Records, Foxy Digitalis, and others as one of the best records of 2012. Played with Lisa Alvarado, Mikel Avery, Ben Boye, David Boykin, Emmett Kelly, Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Tomeka Reid, Frank Rosaly, Jason Stein, Chad Taylor, and Michael Zerang. CD edition packaged in a Stoughton matte miniaturized "laser disc" sleeve with 25 minutes of previously unreleased additional material, including a live recording of "Sound Talisman."

Cat. number: MTE 062 CD
Year: 2015