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Resolution Of Remembrance 1992-1999

Label: Pica Disk

Format: CDx4 BOX

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Edition of 500 copies 4xCD box from Lasse Marhaug’s Pica Disk label that works as a career retrospective for Mr Yasutoshi Yoshida’s Government Alpha project. Spanning the years 1992-1999, the box gathers previously unreleased early material alongside limited edition cassettes, lathes and CD-Rs. In the booklet that accompanies the set (which also includes full-colour reproductions of Yoshida’s amazing collages) Yoshida cites Nurse With Wound and Accept (!?) as his formative influences and the early material gathered on disc one is, to my mind, some of the most original and affecting experimental work to be inspired by Stapleton’s early recordings, with a minimal application of electronics combined with obscured melodies and surreal sound placements.


The second disc features some classic harsh noise works while the third disc sounds closest to how I always think of Government Alpha, as one of the more psychedelic of the Japanese noise groups, using keyboards and walls of F/X in the mode of fellow Hawkwind worshippers CCCC. The fourth disc brings us up to date with some of Yoshida’s most complex disarticulations of form, with the technicolour euphoria of the most amp-destroying rock totally liberated from any notion of form. This is a well-assembled set and makes for a much more rewarding and surprising survey of Japanese noise than you might well think.
Cat. number: PICA012
Year: 2009
Quickening [Disc One] 01: Previously unreleased. Recorded October 1992. 02-04: Previously unreleased. Recorded December 1992. 05: Programmed Cell Death cassette. Self release. Recorded July 1993. 06-08:Missing cassette. Self release. Recorded December 1993. 09-12: The Human Race Was Restored To Repeatedly cassette. Self release. Recorded January 1994. 13-14: Doze cassette. Xerxes. Recorded February 1994. 15: Previously unreleased. Recorded August 1994. 16: Sloping Shoulders cassette. Xerxes. Recorded February 1995. 17: R=L cassette. Xerxes. Recorded April 1995. 18: Funeral Procession cassette. Xerxes. Recorded April 1995. Sprout [Disc Two] 01-03: Erratic cassette. Xerxes. Recorded September 1995. 04-05: The Maternity Music cassette. Mother Savage Noise Productions. Recorded November 1996. 06-07: The Garden Of Eternity cassette. Less Than Zero. Recorded June 1997. 08: Previously unreleased. Recorded August 1997. 09-10: Needle Freak (split w/ MO*TE) cassette. Uncut Tapes. Recorded January 1998. 11: Ephemeral Warmth cdr. Xerxes. Recorded January 1998. 12-14: Pulse cassette. LOUD! Recorded March 1998. 15-17: Distorted Sprouts cdr. Xerxes. Recorded March 1998. Chaos [Disc Three] 01-04: Drowsey Eclipse lathe 12². Harbinger Sound. Recorded April 1998. 05-06: Bloody Slumber Party cassette. Extraction Records. Recorded May 1998. 07-09: Q cassette. Spite Tapes. Recorded May 1998. 10: Carbonic Acid (split w/ Bad Kharma) cassette. Xerxes. Recorded September 1998. 11: Snakes And Ladders cassette. Xerxes. Recorded September 1998. 12-13: Calm Sigh cassette. Optics Tapes. Recorded November 1998. Diffusion [Disc Four] 01-02: 1969/1999 cdr. Xerxes. Recorded November 1998. 03-04: The Ultra Centrifuge (split w/ Praing For Oblivion) cassette. Scrotum Records. Recorded November 1998. 05: Waning Shadow (four way split) cassette. Nerve Centre Records. Recorded November 1998. 06: Sidewinder (split w/ Knurl) cdr. M.Recordings. Recorded January 1999. 07-08: Placebo Effects (split w/ MOZ) cdr. Verbrannte Erde. Recorded April 1999. 09: Volta Effects (split w/ Comforter) cassette. Spirals Of Involution. Recorded April 1999. 10: Split (w/ Prurient) cassette. Hospital Productions. Recorded July 1999. 11: Geometric Sky (split w/ Bob Marinelli) cassette. Distorted Vision Records. Recorded July 1999. 12-13: Streamline of Healing (split w/ Bardo Connector) cassette. Utsu Tapes. Recorded November 1999. 14: Death Techno 2000 cdr. American Tapes. Recorded November 1999. Limited edition of 500 copies.