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Don Dietrich


Label: Pica Disk

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Simultaneously with the reissue of the "Dietrich " solo album, Pica Disk is proud to release a contemporary recording of Don Dietrich – which is also the debut of the duo with his daughter Camille Dietrich. Having grown up exposed to her father's playing since birth Camille Dietrich has been in a unique position as a musician, being subjected to a method of free playing that takes most artists years of exploration to locate. Yet as a cellist Camille has not grown up a copy of her father, and while she shares his unforgiving intensity in her playing, there is an individual confidence and playfulness to how she approaches her instrument, especially when considering that she was 19 years old at the time of the recording. Camille’s fresh approach also feeds back to Don, and the trust the two have in each other makes for a dynamic that usually takes years to achieve, making their duo album not just a father/daughter novelty one-off record, but a fully fledged musical statement that marks the start of a collaboration to reckon with.

Cat. number: PICA042
Year: 2017

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