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Citron (excerpt)


Citron (LP)

Label: Cat Dog Mouse Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Reissue of an obscure Early 90s album, Citron is a complete remix of the Czech heavy metal band Citron's 1990 release Vypustte psy!, or Release the Dogs. While spending an extended period in the Ostrava studio of Citron's leader Radim Parízek, FAT found itself with access to the original 24-track tapes of Citron's then-most-recent album. Working at night, FAT discreetly remixed the entire album to create Citron. Citron is a far cry from the original record's heavy metal sound, as FAT creates a bohemian fairy-tale-on-acid from the bones of a late Communist-era Czech mega-album. The mix turns the original record inside-out and often lays bare the typical lead vocals or instrumentation, bringing the more banal elements to the forefront. Background synth fills become lead instruments with midi time code serving as a rhythm track in a reconfigured cavernous arena-reverb setting. Remixed in the studio where the original album was recorded, the reprocessed sound was achieved entirely with the period equipment from a 1992 Czech studio.

Cat. number: CATDOG 002LP
Year: 2015

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