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Duos - I (excerpt)
Duos - XV (excerpt)
Duos - XXV (excerpt)

Eric Rosenzveig, Jeff Noble


Label: Cat Dog Mouse Records

Format: 10"

Genre: Experimental

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Duos is a 10" EP of short, explosive improv pieces by FAT bassist Jeff Noble and guitarist Eric Rosenzveig. Recording took place in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, in 1990, around the period of FAT's stay in Prague after the group's most intense period of touring. Recorded straight to tape with no overdubs, the EP is pure improv but creates a world of sound outside of normal musical experiment. The instrumentation is unadorned, with no effects beyond overdrive pedals on both bass and guitar; both instruments are often struck with metal bars, glass slides, rubber balls, clothes pins, vibrators, hand cranks, etc. etc. FAT drummer Phil Giborski did engineering duty on these late-night sessions.

Cat. number: CATDOG 003EP
Year: 2015

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