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Jonathan Kane


Label: Table of the Elements

Format: Vinyl LP

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Jonathan Kane; now why does that name sound familiar? Well, apart from co-founding no-wave group du jour Swans he also cemented his skin bashing prowess as rythem master for Rhys Chatham. So it is with some considerable experience that he takes his first solo forray on 'February', a loud & proud collison of artlilliary drumming and bluesy rock instrumentation. Opening with 'Curl', Kane has an adherence to strict rythms and serialistic intent that borders on the Neu! for repetative cohesion, with a grand bass heavy stomp pummellled by all manner of swampy guitars and low-slung bass. At times veering close to contempoary post-rock (see 'Motherless Child'), Kane is an old-school type through and through; a stance which lends 'February' an urgent energy which is terribly infectious. An Aquarius through and through...

Cat. number: Ra 88
Year: 2005

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